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Our Heritage is
Your Health

Melora harnesses the natural power of New Zealand's native Mānuka tree to deliver high quality, exceptional Mānuka products.

Mānuka - Nature’s Super plant

One of nature’s truly incredible and unique ingredients, our Mānuka honey is sourced and processed with the utmost care to ensure its finest quality, highest purity and richest natural compounds. From our landowner partners, to the beekeepers, extraction and processing team, we are all very passionate about bringing you only the best Mānuka honey.

World renown Mānuka honey has assisted many to enhance their health and well being. This versatile product can be taken internally or used topically. Discover for yourself why this product has made its name famous in many homes around the world.

Squeeze a burst of natural goodness onto your toast, over pancakes, deserts and ice-cream with this affordable 400g handy squeezy, good enough for the dinner table, bottle. With fruits and honey combined it brings a delicious twist to mealtimes.

The Melora™ Double Action Manuka Honey & Manuka Oil personal care range is a unique combination of two natural BioActives derived directly from New Zealand’s indigenous super plant, delivering exceptional skincare, natural healing and restoring properties.

We ethically harvest our Mānuka to create honey that can benefit your body in incredible ways. We work hard to create unique skincare products, so we can share the power of Mānuka with you and the rest of the world. A little bit of magic. A whole lot of good.

Used for centuries in traditional medicine, Mānuka is a rare and unique super plant that is indigenous to remote areas of New Zealand. The traditional honey now extends to unique skincare products, so we can share the power of Manuka with you and the rest of the world. A little bit of magic. A whole lot of good. Discover for yourself the magic of Mānuka.

Our People – Collecting Nature’s Produce

Employing and partnering with local people is very important, we can guarantee the integrity and quality of all our products. We employ local people wherever possible, and our company culture is very family orientated.

Phil Caskey

Company Founder

“We are working hard to make a sustainable difference in the Mānuka Industry.”


Eddie Matchitt & Grandson, James

Landowner, Ease Cape, NZ

“NZ Mānuka has made sure we get a fair return, I can live more comfortably. The honey industry is booming for us now.”


Norm Parata

Apiary Manager

“Now the Mānuka industry has come up, everyone can see an opportunity and a future in this region.”


Mere Vaka

Bee Keeper

“When spring hits you go from a colony of 3-4 frames, to a full box in a matter of weeks, that’s my favourite part of the year.”

Buy Online or at a Stockist

Melora is available to buy throughout the UK. It can either be purchased on our website and delivered nationally, or in one of our many UK stockists. Click below to find your nearest Melora stockist today.

PLANT, Mānuka

1. Healthcare

A history built on healthcare, Melora registered the first Mānuka honey wound care dressing in the world.

2. Landowners

A partnership with landowners, ensuring all parties receive an equal share of the profits from all honey sold.

3. Nature

Caring for nature is at the heart of everything we do, after all Mānuka is our precious natural resource.

4. Local

Our focus on employing local people has also kept our business very family oriented, even as we grow.

5. Community

We always support and give back to those in our communities through sponsorships and donations.

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MGO stands for Methylglyoxal, which is the name of the chemical marker that gives Manuka honey its unique antibacterial activity. This helps ensure that all certified Mānukahoney are authentic and the highest quality.