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News Report: New Zealand Manuka Group on bringing sustainability centre stage

Our parent company New Zealand Mānuka Group is at the top of the Trees That Count leaderboard, thanks to its ongoing efforts to plant native trees. The Eastern Bay of Plenty-based company is committed to protecting the environment. It has planted nearly nine million trees around the East Cape since 2016, with another 540,000 to come before Christmas. “Nurturing and sustaining the land is a huge part of the work the New Zealand Mānuka Group does,” says founder Phil Caskey. “From the land we use to the communities we work with and support, everything is done with care and thought t...

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Three DIY Skin Restoring Manuka Honey Masks

When stress is banging on your door like it has a warrant, taking just fifteen minutes to mix up a little DIY face mask can help ease a bit tension from the day. We’re sharing our three ...

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4 breakfast ideas that contain honey for (little) champions

We’re pretty big honey fans (in case you couldn’t tell), and despite all of it’s amazing health ...

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A celebration of honey bees and their importance within the flower industry

Who runs the world? Bees! We’re not even joking, our lives would be very different if it weren’t for our buzzy little friends. A blooming industry The £80 billion flo...

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5 nifty methods to combat low energy, tiredness and fatigue

It’s normal to have peaks and troughs of energy levels, but when those troughs are feeling a little deeper than usual, it’s time to reboot and reflect. As well as mental factors, there are many ...

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Does Manuka Honey really help your skin? Here’s why it can be your skincare secret weapon.

Honey, it’s time to stop battling with tired, damaged skin, and time to take a stand, and give your skin the ultimate natural weapon. Used in ancient rulers’ skincare routines, honey has been kn...

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Christmas Cocktails a bit different: Mānuka Honey cocktails for the party season

Shorter days means longer nights, and more time to socialise with fantastic and festive cocktails. We’re all about slipping health benefits into every day, so of course we had to put together a ...

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