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Top 4 ways to keep your skin hydrated during the Winter months

When the days get shorter, and the grey skies never seem to disappear, it’s easy to let your self care slip into a slump. We focus on keeping warm and forget to give our skin the tender care it deserves during the cold season. Here’s our four favourite ways to keep your skin hydrated this winter.   Drink up As winter draws closer, shops and offices start pumping up the central heating, which causes our skin to suffer and dry out. To keep your skin looking and feeling its best, make sure to stay on top of your water drinking habits. By working from the inside out, you...

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A 3 step skincare routine for clean and clear skin using Mānuka

There are so many factors that can irritate and damage skin. No matter what the weather, it can feel as if you’re always fighting against it, and your skin is left the victim. The ultimate solut...

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How to tackle problematic skin – tips, tricks and home remedies

Whether it’s dry, irritated, oily, or blemish prone, problematic skin can have an enormous effect on day to day confidence. We wanted to tackle the ways your daily routine could be wreaking havo...

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5 ways to add Mānuka Honey to your everyday routine

The relationship between man and honey dates back over 8000 years, and throughout history, civilisations have benefited from its medicinal properties. Romans used it to heal their wounds after b...

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Nature's Sweetener for Cooking

Here at Melora, we are all about keeping it natural and healthy eating. Swapping out that spoonful of sugar for an equal sized spoonful of honey is the ultimate way to satisfy your sweet tooth a...

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Energising Juice with Mānuka Honey

As the seasons change, our bodies also undergo changes in rhythm with nature.  Read more

Great Ways to Use Your Mānuka Oils

Essential oils are rapidly growing in popularity because they offer a natural health alternative.  This is especially the case with Mānuka oil which is produced from the native New Zealand tree,...

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